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ETS INTARLAKEN TECHNOLOGIES, (an ISO 9001-2000 certified company) manufactures Universal Testing Machines, Tensile Testing Machines and Compression Testing Machines for all industries. We specialize in designing and manufacturing Universal Testing Machines, Tensile Testing Machines and Compression Testing Machines as per client’s specifications.

Digital Compression Tester

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Digital Compression Test Equipment 1000KN - CTM-4P-100 Computerized Compression Test Equipments (COMP-CTM) Custom made Compression Test Equipments CTM-2P-200- 2000 KN (200 Tons) Compression Testing Machine (Electrically cum Hand Operated-Three Gauges) CTM-3G
Compression Testing Machine - CTMH-100: 1000KN (100 Tons) CONFORMING TO IS 516 Digital Compression Tester (DCTM) Compression Tester Digital - CTM-4P-300 Digital Box Compression tester

Digital Compression Tester (DCTM)

Applications of Digital Compression Tester (DCTM) :
'ETS' Digital Compression Tester (DCTM), designed to conduct compression and crushing strength tests on Containers , Concrete cubes &cylinders, hollow blocks and various other materials in accordance with International standard.

The Digital Compression Tester (DCTM) is electro-hydraulically operated and is capable of accommodating test jobs up-to 45 x45 x 65 cm high depending upon machine capacity.

The loading unit of Digital Compression Tester (DCTM) consists of a cross-head and base with solid pillars or channel supports connecting the base and cross-head firmly.

The Control Panel of Digital Compression Tester (DCTM) comprises of Hydraulic Power Pack, Digital Readout System, Operating Switches, Load Control Valves, Maximum Load Holding facility (Peak-hold), Preset facility on load - over 10% and 90% of working rang e and Optional Output Print-out of Test Data and Graph.

Available capacity of Digital Compression Tester (DCTM):
100KN Digital Compression Tester
500KN Digital Compression Tester
1000KN Digital Compression Tester
2000KN Digital Compression Tester
3000KN Digital Compression Tester

Flexure Test Attachment Concrete Beams, etc.
Printer Panel for printout of test data and graph.

Digital Compression Tester
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Compression Tester Digital - CTM-4P-300

We have Compression Tester Digital with 2000KN (200 Tons)/ and 3000 KN (300 Tons) capacity. Compression Tester Digital - CTM-4P-300 is Two Pillar Model Electrically operated fitted with Digital Load Indicator with accuracy of 1KN. The digital load indicator incorporates peak hold facility and relay contact to protect the machine from overloading. Compression Tester Digital is suitable for operation on 440V, 3-phase, AC supply.

The Compression Tester Digital is calibrated against a NPL/NCCBM certified proving ring.

Compression Tester Digital - CTM-4P-300
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Digital Box Compression tester

To determine the compression resistance of corrugated & non- corrugated boxes. The instrument provide the Digital Display of Load and Deformation. Complete with memory for retaining peak value, automatic or normal zero setting, overload and over travel protection facilities. Platten Size : 600 x 600 mm / 1000 x 1000 mm

Digital Box Compression tester
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