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ETS Interlaken Technologies ETS Interlaken Technologies
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ETS Interlaken Technologies ETS Interlaken Technologies
Manufacturers & Exporters of Testing Equipment & Materials Testing Machines   

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ETS INTARLAKEN TECHNOLOGIES, (an ISO 9001-2000 certified company) manufactures Universal Testing Machines, Tensile Testing Machines and Compression Testing Machines for all industries. We specialize in designing and manufacturing Universal Testing Machines, Tensile Testing Machines and Compression Testing Machines as per client’s specifications.

Plastic Testing Equipment

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Tests on specimens of Plastic that you cannot afford to ignore.

We are one of the eminent manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and exporters of a comprehensive range of plastic testing equipment. Strictly following the Indian and British standards, our equipment provides the facilities of charpy & IZOD tests for plastic & electric insulating materials. Impact tester, plastic melt flow indexer, tensile testing machine, friction tester and other varied machines enhance the grandeur of the range of our equipment.

» Impact Tester (for plastics) » Plastic Melt Flow Indexer
» Tensile Testing Machine (Digital/Computerized) » Friction Tester
» Oxygen Index Apparatus » Flexural Creep Tester
» Compression Stress Relaxation Equipment » Extensibility Tester for PVC film
» Foam Compression Tester » Standard Load Deformation Tester
» Compression Stress Relaxometer » NRPRA Relaxed Modulus Tester
» Nicking Cutter (for plastics tearing test) » Torsion Tester (for non-rigid plastics)
» DSM Shrinkage Gauge » Troughability Tester
» Melting Point Tester » Adhesion Tester
» Hardness Tester (Durometer, Impressor, » Plastometer for plastics) » Soft Material Thickness Tester
» Shore Resiliometer » Flammability Tester
» Falling Dart Impact Tester » Elmendorf Tearing Tester
» Softening Point Apparatus » Opacity/Haze/Gloss Tester
» Heat Distortion/Softening Point Apparatus » Thermal Stability Apparatus
» Gel Timer » ESCR Testerv Capillary Rheometer
» DSM Temperature of Deflection Gauge » Heat Sealer
» Thickness Gauge (Micrometer) » Carbon Black Apparatus
» Testing Oven (for plastics) » QTR Test Apparatus
» Rapid Plastimeter » Scratch Resistance Tester
» Direct Reading Specific Gravity » Thermal Conductivity Apparatus
» Balance (Densimeter) » Flexural fatigue tester apparatus
» Shear Tester

Plastic Testing Equipments
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